Internet Disorders

Thursday, 18 December 2008 | 23:00
Internet Disorders

Invited by iMAL, RYbN + projectsinge present INTERNET DISORDERS, an evening to make you sick and experiment these web disorders and pathologies with installation(s) made during the Antidatamining workshop and A/V performances and installations by RYBN, Isjtar and projectsinge.

The Internet modifies our desires, changes our relationship to the others, to time and space, to the news, and could turn into obsession.
To any new context, we can observe, combine - or even create - new pathologies such as: physical troubles: neuro-muscular diseases; back, neck or wrist pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; eyestrain; watering or tickling of the eyes; ophthalmic migraines...; behavioral disorders: cyber-addiction, ego-navigation, web-voyeurism, cyberchondria (web-hypochondria), web-exhibitionnism, wikipediolie: sleep disorders; obsessional behavior disorders; attention-deficit disorders; hyperactivity, schizophrenia... to such an extent that web addiction could be recognized as a clinical pathology.
We are so far from the ideal of human strength and virility accessible by a simple click on a spam, this other web deviance.