Digital Fabrication

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In 2012, iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, will open the first Brussels-based creative FabLab. A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication.



En mars et avril 2014, iMAL organise plusieurs workshops d'introduction à la fabrication numérique pour différentes hautes écoles artistiques bruxelloises francophones.

2013 - 2014

Toys Revival est un projet destiné à des étudiants de secondaire pour qu'ils s'initient à la fabrication numérique et expérimentent ces nouvelles technologies pour donner une nouvelle vie à d'anciens jouets.


Etienne's work combines origami, art & technologies. During his summer residency at iMAL and FabLab.iMAL, he explored the art of walkalong gliders. The exhibtion presents his results and proposes a DIY atelier and a playground where your plane will fly with your energy.


Memory of Form and Matter is a sculpture series exploring hybrid digital-physical forms. It combines algorithmically generated structures with digital simulations and animation.


Etienne Cliquet was in residency at iMAL during the summer 2013 to prepare his exhibition Terrain d'Envol at iMAL gallery (19/09 - 20/10/2013).


Studio With A View is een collectief van designers gevestigd in Brussel. De designers Damien Gernay, Julien Carretero en Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence zijn naar FabLab.iMAL gekomen om aan hun nieuwe projecten te werken.


Mechatronica is een combinatie van mechanica, elektronica en (meer recentelijk) informatica om programmeerbare mechanische machines te ontwerpen. Tijdens deze workshop zullen de deelnemers hun eigen machines kunnen creëren met de hulp van diverse digitale fabricatiegereedschappen van FabLab.iMAL, Arduinos en de ervaring van de workshopbegeleiders.


Au premier semestre 2013, iMAL a organisé une série de workshops d'introduction à la fabrication numérique pour différentes écoles bruxelloises francophones.


Sophie Bélair, artist from Quebec, is in residency at FabLab.iMAL to prepare her project at Casino Luxembourg.


With this residency at iMAL and FabLab.iMAL, Felix is finalising his latest project to be exhibited at Festival VIA/Maubeuge (opening on 14 March 2013).


This 31st March 2017, Le Pass (Scientific Adventure Park, Frameries) is opening its WOW ZONE, a new space dedicated to digital culture. Five interactive artworks have been selected following a call for projects, to be exhibited for the next five years in the WOW ZONE.

Among these five pieces, two have been through a residency at iMAL....

Véronique Barbier and her team from RTBF made this reportage on FabLab.iMAL broadcasted on the news on May 1, 2013. You can wath here (in French) here.