Raphaël Bastide

Raphaël Bastide is an artist and instructor living in Paris. His projects include installations, sculptures, websites and digital programmes. His sculptural work takes the form of installations or instruments, focusing on making conceptual models inspired by programs, languages, and software. He recently exhibited a work based on the P2P web at Rinomina, Paris in collaboration with Louise Drulhe.

He teaches digital media at Parsons Paris and HfG Karlsruhe, Germany, as a guest instructor.

His last solo show at 22 Rue Muller, Paris, showed his last researches about musical groove and computer program’s languages and documentation. Free/open source software enthusiast and maker, he is involved in several collectives related to free culture, design, and typography.




In Ways of Connecting treden twee installaties in dialoog met elkaar. Beide creaties onthullen de infrastructuren en mechanismen van onze geconnecteerde digitale omgeving en vertalen ze naar nieuwe vormen. On Saturday 27 April, join us for a debate between Evan Roth & Raphaël Bastide, introduced and moderated by Sarah Grant (Radical Networks).


Tijdens Reclaim the web! ontdekt u het P2P web, een alternatief voor ons huidige systeem, waar iedereen gegevens kan delen en websites en apps kan publiceren vanaf zijn eigen computer, zonder afhankelijk te zijn van een centrale server of dienst. Met Zenna Fiscella, Raphaël Bastide & Hunor Karamán.


This first version of a series of assemblages is part of a research around versioned physical artworks, led by Raphaël Bastide since 2012. Révisable 1 focuses on making modifications of a versioned object accessible, and on the publication of its history. The artwork therefore questions both online and offline audiences and players by offering them a finite set of actions.


Met : Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine, Michel Bauwens, Josephine Bosma, Heath Bunting, Paolo Cirio, Florian Cramer, Régine Debatty, Constant Dullaart, Jodi, Olia Lialina, Alessandro Ludovico, Nicolas Malevé, Miltos Manetas, Julian Oliver, Domenico Quaranta, Rafael Rozendaal, Sakrowski, Gordan Savičić 


"Connected Cities" features Joint Broadcasting Events that happen simultanously and interactively across the borders. For the opening of the Ars Electronica Festival, the cities of Brussels, Liverpool, Helsinki, Berlin, Budapest and Madrid will join forces and present two live broadcasted audio-visual performances. In Brussels we will couple this event to an open air SHARE BRU session where you are invited to join for an A/V jam in iMAL's courtyard.



Après le DJ et le VJ, voici le WJ ou Web Jockey. Utilisant le dispositif multi-écran wj-s d'Anne Roquigny, des artistes invités (Yannick Antoine, Michel Assenmaker, Pascale Barret, Lucille Calmel, Danny Devos, Koen Theys) et des étudiants de l'ERG vous joueront leurs performances de web remix.