Ellentriek meets Code, Arts & Crafts

28 April - 29 April 2012
Ellentriek meets Code, Arts & Crafts

Shielded: extend your Arduino

With an Arduino you can collect a lot of sensor data, from smelling gasses to measuring temperature or light and lots more. But how do you save these data? How do you actuate the outside world, transfer bits and bytes online, without using a computer?

In order to activate motors, to connect to a network, to make an autonomous interactive sound installations, you need chips and components on top of your microcontroller.

These usually come in the form of a shield that slides onto your Arduino. During this Ellentriek meets Code, Arts and Crafts weekend we'll review several of these "shields" in detail. We will scrutinize these shields and look at the possiblities to make them ourselves.

With extra brainpower of Mr Stock from Rotterdam & Stephane Noel!

- As usual, this session is open to artists' own projects.

- This is for people who already know how to work with Arduino

The workshop is full!

Practical Info

Saturday and Sunday,

Max. 15 participants

20€, including a lunch + drinks (2 days)
To pay at your arrival

Sorry, the workshop is full!

For more direct information:
wendy @ constantvzw . org

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Teaser picture by John Boxall

Gallery pictures by Thomas Kramm John Boxall, Frédéric Bisson, Marlon J. Manrique 

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This edition of Code, Arts & Craft is a collaboration between Constant vzw, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats & iMAL