Félix Luque: Chapter I: The Discovery

6 februari - 10 maart 2011
Félix Luque: Chapter I: The Discovery

Production residency

Félix comes back at iMAL for the production of a second dodecaheder that will tour french festivals, such as VIA and EXIT. The installation will be then shown at Le Cube (France) and at BÒLIT (Spain).

For this second version of the sculpture, Félix will use LED strips instead of fluorescent lights. This in order to make it lighter and facilitate transport and assembling.

Chapter I: The Discovery has been nominated at Transmediale 2010, at the New Media Award of the Foundation Liedts-Meesen 2010 and has received an honorary mention at Ars Electronica 2010. The installation has been  exhibited at iMAL in 2009.

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