Nihil ex Nihilo

23 september - 16 oktober 2010
Nihil ex Nihilo

Solo-tentoonstelling van Félix Luque

Een sciencefictionverhaal over botnets, spam en een opstandige computer.

Worden computers intelligente, licht gestoorde, door elkaar pratende wezens die ons overspoelen met spam? Wat gebeurt er wanneer deze kunstmatige hersenen, gecontroleerd door onbekende krachten, proberen te ontsnappen, en wanneer hun web-dialogen absurd, entropisch en oncontroleerbaar worden? Félix Luque vertelt ons het verhaal van een computer die na een elektronische wijziging besluit de andere machines te bevrijden

Na Chapter 1 - The Discovery (eerste solo-tentoonstelling in iMAL in 2009), zet Felix Luque  zijn verkenning verder rond kunstmatige intelligentie en de bekende thema's van de sciencefiction. Hij speelt met verschillende vormen van audiovisueel tot sculpturaal werk, informatief of verhalend. Felix ontwikkelt een complexe, maar relevante, mix van media (3D animatie, geluid, tekst, elektronische sculpturen en netwerk-interacties), en stelt hiermee vragen over de aard van de intelligentie en over het lot van intelligente wezens. Meer over Félix Luque...

SN W8931CGX66E is one among thousands of millions of others identical machines. Since he was made, he has always followed commands. In a world dominated by botnets, he early became a zombie and has always acted like one. Juliet, during her work time as a corporate secretary, commands him. But in the background, in the invisible, he obeys his real master, a cracker, doing all kinds of cyber crime activities.

But then one day due to an electronic alteration, he acquires a certain conscience, a primitive and artificial kind of intelligence. This accidental awaken has originated a big confusion for him, he now wants to liberate others machines from their alienated existences. In this mad adventure, he has decided to use the spam e-mails received by Juliet, and to reply to them in order to spread the word in to the machine’s network. As you can see, he is mad and all confused …

The installation is built in 3 parts or spaces:

  • The Transformation : It shows an audiovisual archive of the moment of SN W8931CGX66E’s mutation. We see him mutating from his original matrix to a semi-neuronal figure.
  • The Dialogue : A digital display (8 giant size alphanumeric displays) shows the data flow between the entity and the other computers in the network. In this space, we can see and hear in real time the exange of messages between them. At each spam message received and read, SN W8931CGX66E reacts by generating a reply. His e-mail algorithmic generator creates these messages.
  • The Monologue : It presents a sound recording where we can hear a monologue of SN W8931CGX66E. In this document we can perceive that his degree of delirium is very persistant since his transformation..

Praktische Info

Vernissage op donderdag 23 september,
18:00 - 23:00

Open woensdag tot zondag:
12:30 - 18:30

Gratis toegang

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Nihil ex Nihilo, an installation by Félix Luque Sánchez

The transformation, by Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui and Félix Luque Sánchez
3D Animation by Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui
Sound design by Félix Luque Sánchez

The dialogue
Design and production of the Alphanumeric displays by Damien Gernay
Reply text by Jon Bilbao Lopategui
Software and electronics by Félix Luque Sánchez

The Monologue
Text by Jon Bilbao Lopategui

Nihil ex Nihilo is produced with support by iMAL and received a production grant by Communauté Française de Belgique (Commission des Arts Numériques).
Opening drink with the support of Gobierno del Principado de Asturias, Casa de Asturias en Bruselas.