Kinect: introductie & workshop

11 februari - 12 februari 2011
Kinect: introductie & workshop

Na de Wiimote van Nintendo hackt de geek- en opensourcegemeenschap een nieuw gametoestel: Kinect, de 3D-camera voor de Xbox van Microsoft. Kunstenaars kregen de toepassingen van dit nieuwe speeltje al vlug onder de knie voor tal van experimentele projecten.

iMAL nodigt u uit om het creatieve potentieel van deze spitstechnologie te ontdekken tijdens een presentatie en een workshop.

Presentation : Friday, 14:00-18:00

How a gaming device can become a new creative tool? What are the possibilities for artists-developpers? What is the technology? What are the limitations? What is already going on and how can I jump in the bandwagon?

We will try to answer all those questions - and more! - during an afternoon, with Lionel, Yacine and Yannick showing you some early experimentations with Max/MSP, Processing and OpenFrameworks.

Workshop : Saturday, 10:00-18:00

From theory to practice! Lionel, Yacine & Yannick will guide you through your first steps with the Kinect.
From picking the right library and installing it, to displaying 3D data in your creative application of choice (Max/MSP, Processing, OpenFrameworks), not to mention their potential uses (computer vision, 3D renders, etc).

Warning : since the Kinect still is quite new, it’s not yet uniformly supported under all operating systems and applications.

So far, we have successfully tested it:
on OS X, with:
- Processing
- Max/MSP
- OpenFrameworks

on Windows, with:
- Processing

It should work on Linux with Processing and OpenFrameworks.

On all platforms, you can also receive the skeleton data through OSC (so in any OSC host application, including Processing, Max, Pure Data, Animata, ...).

Three Kinects will be available for the workshop, you’re naturally welcome to bring yours (provided you have the USB adapter).

Workshop participants

Laura Colmenares Guerra (Unstable Territories), Yi Nong Dong, Elise Vanden Elsacker (Kinetic Pavilion), Olivier Evrard, Stéphane Noël, Wim Vanhenden, Moussa Faye, Thomas Laureyssens, Daniel Hoti, Vincent Desboeufs, Alexis Gaillard, Sarah Mosati, Bénédicte & Laure-Anne Jacobs (, Julian Schembri, Arnaud Waels, Daphne Koopman (NL).

Praktische Info

Presentatie : Vrijdag 11 Februari,
Vrije toegang

Workshop :  Zaterdag 12 Februari,
Max: 15 deelenemers
Meestal in het frans maar "english speaking" welkom.
Inschrijven verplicht!

Media Galerij

Picture 16 by Kyle McDonald
Picture 17 by Atsushi Tadokoro
Picture 18 by flight404