17 May - 19 May 2012

During Open House, iMAL invites 3 artists and designers to present its FabLab (digital fabrication laboratory) and their work in this context; with Corneel Cannaerts, Julien Maire, Félix Luque and Damien Gernay. In parallel, visitors can discover the Gobo...

16 May 2012

Urban Smart Station is a participatory design project initiated by iMAL and CyCLO. It consists in the elaboration of a new kind of urban furniture prototype, integrating functions linked to bike mobility, digital mobility, information point and social meeting place....

28 April - 29 April 2012

With an Arduino you can collect a lot of sensor data, from smelling gasses to measuring temperature or light and lots more. But how do you save these data? How do you actuate the outside world, transfer bits and bytes online, without using a computer?

19 April - 20 May 2012

Between low and high tech, analogue and digital, obsolete and new media, Cécile Babiole, first artist in residency at iMAL FabLab, proposes a visual and luminous installation revealing the confrontation between the digital and the physical. Her Miniatures,...

4 April 2012

with projects by Aernoudt Jacobs, Unfold and Corneel Cannaerts.

28 March - 29 March 2012

bar.temp is a pop up bar that aims to link art, web culture and people. bar.temp will temporary take over the exhibition space of iMAL and transform it into a cosy place for eclectic and curious minds.


8 March - 25 March 2012

For the first time in Europe Marcio Ambrosio presents his playful participatory installation 12i. Inspired by the principle of the zoetrope - a 19th-century device forerunner of cinema - Marcio again combines classic animation techniques with new technologies. He brings us...

1 March - 2 March 2012

Not So Crazy! Productions, in collaboration with iMAL, proposes a workshop dedicated to media professionals who intend to go into web documentaries creation.

18 February - 26 February 2012

This openLAB is the first masterclass on Digital Fabrication at iMAL. With an emphasis on forms generated by code, it will end with an exhibition of the works produced by the participants.

15 February 2012

Upon conclusion of her residency with Rudi Giot, Lucille Calmel, & MARC (Limsi-cnrs), Pascale Barret will present a new "work in progress" version of her project Beautiful Beasts initiated at iMAL during the Arts/Science research project VIRAGE.