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23 november 2009

The 4th SHARE BRUssels will happen on Tuesday 24, 20:00 during the Cimatics festival. Come and play with us with sounds & images, or just come to enjoy the pleasure of music and visuals in an open jam.

27 oktober 2009

Hybrid is the keyword of this 4th DorkbotBRU. Robots with human drawing skills, moss carpets augmented with sensors and other electronic devices, steel plates with brainwaves vibrations. With Tim Knapen, David de Buyser and Christoph De Boeck, this Wednesday 28th October at...

22 oktober 2009

Après le DJ et le VJ, voici le WJ ou Web Jockey. Utilisant le dispositif multi-écran wj-s d'Anne Roquigny, des artistes invités (Yannick Antoine, Michel Assenmaker, Pascale Barret, Lucille Calmel, Danny Devos, Koen Theys) et des étudiants de l'ERG vous joueront leurs...

1 oktober - 3 oktober 2009

STiMULiNE stelt u een audio-tactiel concert voor. Vertrekkend van een plastisch en auditief onderzoek, en via het lichaam van de toeschouwer, stelt het vragen over de tastzin in de kunst.

15 september 2009

Professor in computer sciences at Paris University II and researcher at LIMSI-CNRS, Christian Jacquemin (FR) has worked on several Arts/Sciences projects and has led and taken part in several workshops on the topic. He is especially interested in virtual and augmented reality...

4 juni 2009

An evening of multi-channel video+sound live performances with:Christopher Willits (USA) collab.sakamoto/matmos, Christina Vantzou (GR), the dead texan/sparkehorse, Stefan Quix (Be).

13 mei 2009

The 3rd SHARE BRUssels will happen on Thursday 14 of May at 20:00. Come and play with us with sounds & images, or just come to enjoy the pleasure of music and visuals in an open jam. This SHARE gathering will put a special focus on 8BIT practice with guests such as Goto80...

11 maart - 28 maart 2009

Une opération proposée par RYBN, pour recontextualiser la crise et les stratégies politiques et médiatiques qui l'accompagnent, autour des thèmes de la catastrophe, de l'instabilité structurelle et des mythologies des marchés.

18 februari 2009
This 3rd DorkbotBRU will bring us through 3 projects into the world of networks, data flow, visualization and interfaces and how artists try to appropriate them. There is also some space for projects by hackers of Brussels....
23 januari 2009

After the successful launch of the first SHARE BRUssels (more info on, the 2nd SHARE BRUssels will happen on Saturday 24 of January afternoon. Come and...