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19 december 2008

Les collectifs RYBN et ProjectSinge avec leurs invités proposent une soirée à vous rendre malades pour expérimenter ces troubles, désordres et pathologies nées d'Internet avec une installation réalisée dans le cadre du workshop Antidastamining de RYBN, et des...

29 november 2008

iMAL in collaboration with Cimatics launches SHARE Brussels with Canadian media artist Marie-Hélène Parant who started SHARE Montréal in 2005

27 november - 29 november 2008

Exhibition during the Cimatics Festival 2008

12 november 2008

For near 30 years, AMVK is interested in the relationships between arts & sciences along her continuous artistic exploration of sex, cyber-feminism, technology and representation.
A lecture in our Rendez-Vous programme.

18 oktober - 9 november 2008

JODI, the BE/NL duo pioneers of Net Art, explores the relations between the world as we build it through Internet and the one based on our past mental and physical maps. Services such as GoogleMaps have changed our worldview radically by making the Globe accessible as...

3 oktober - 7 oktober 2008

Issu du monde des arts plastiques, Daniel Daniel crée depuis plus de 20 ans des sculptures mobiles ou de lumière utlisant moteurs électriques et mécanismes astucieusement bricolés

27 juni 2008

Just before the summer holidays, here is the second Dorkbot BRUssels with 3 works in progress projects: interactive installation, electronic autonomous and low-cost urban objects, free networks. Rudi will be the DJ of the day with his modified tape recorder machine. Free...

18 april - 30 april 2008

Art of the Digital Age a collective exhibition featuring a unique panel of digital artworks created in the last years by internationally known new media artists, and coming from galleries and collections from around the world (USA, Europe, Russia)

25 maart 2008

For the launch of our NewBraveWorld masterclasses, our Arts/Sciences rendez-vous will feature Atau Tanaka, artist and scientist previously at Sony Computer Science Lab (Paris) and now at Culture Lab (University of Newcastle). He will speak about Mobile Music and his other...

15 maart - 22 maart 2008

Un workshop chez iMAL réunissant des étudiants de l’EESI, de l’ERG et de l’IAD.