FabLab.iMAL : Practical info


Starting from 15 October 2018, we initiate a new series of workshops to introduce each machine of our FabLab!

These short introductory workshops will teach you the basics, and the safety instructions. You will learn how each machine works, in order to feel more confident in its use.

These workshops are open to everyone (you don't need to be a member), and are a good way to discover the FabLab!

The price, the duration and the difficulty depend on the workshop and the machine.
If you are a new member, and you don't want to follow these workshops, a fab manager or member can always teach you the basics of the machines during the public hours. Workshops are only more comprehensive.

These workshops are taught in French, but you can always ask questions in English.                       
Check our agenda for the dates of our next workshops.

FabLab.iMAL organizes other improvement workshops and advanced masterclasses. Please check iMAL agenda.

Workshops are free for fablab members!
No needs to register.

Lasercutter workshop

1h30 ׀ 10€ ׀ Beginner

Bi-monthly, Saturday, 11:00 am to 12.30 pm. Check the agenda here.

Thanks to a powerful yet precise laser, the lasercutter cuts and engraves quickly materials like wood, plexiglas, cardboard, … The lasercutter only works in 2D and can either follow vector paths (as you can draw in Illustrator, etc) or engrave black&white bitmap pictures.
The goal of the workshop is to present the lasercutter, learn the workflow, safety instructions and more importantly, make your first cut!

The workshop has 3 steps:
- Presentation and handling of Inkscape, free and open-source vector based drawing software.
- Presentation and handling of SmartCarve, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software.
- Presentation of safety instructions and cutting.

It is highly recommanded to come with your own laptop. Try to install Inkscape before coming.

3D printing

1h30 ׀ 10€ ׀ Beginner-Average

Bi-monthly, Thursday, 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Check the agenda here.

A 3D printer, unlike the lasercutter, creates objects by adding material instead of removing it. The processus is very simple, somewhere between the working of an inkjet printer and the principle of a pastry bag. The 3D model to print is converted into a series of very thin layers that the printer will lay one by one, on top of each other. The “ink” in this case is a very thin thread of fused plastic that comes out of the printer head.
This workshop will introduce the participants to the various 3D printers of our FabLab, their related softwares, the file formats, and will quickly explores a few 3D modeling softwares.

- Presentation of our different 3D printers.
- Presentation and handling of Cura, free and open-source slicing software.
- Presentation of safety instructions and printing.

It is highly recommanded to come with your own laptop. Try to install Cura before coming.

CNC milling

For now, we're not doing any workshop about CNC milling machine, but we're planning to.
Stay tuned and if you're interested anyway, please come during public days and speak about it with the manager.