13 november - 12 december 2010

An exhibition and more... by moddr_

At iMAL, we are always fascinated to see how artists recycle, modify and re-purpose todays technologies to raise artistic and social issues about our contemporary world.

In this perspective, we are inviting moddr_ , the young geeky fine-artists collective from Rotterdam, for a "carte blanche" to present an exhibition of their latest artworks and their subversive critical practices of the "new media" and "digital culture" with an associated programme of performances, lectures and workshops.
Showing a strong critique towards our contemporary mediated society, moddr_ and affiliates mostly use methodologies borrowed from the open source movement and net-activism, yet always with added style and good humor.

For the programme of workshops and other activities, have a look at iMAL's agenda, events will be added along the exhibition. The first workshop and performances will take place for the opening on Saturday the 13th of November. Have a look at the opening programme!

moddr_* exhibition

The exhibition proposed by moddr_ will disseminate the works from and related to the lab (in which they work as a collective) in a way that has not been exhibited before.
Collaborative projects by the lab's members will be shown alongside the more personal works that often preceded them, thus carefully dissecting the actual practice and considerations involved in reflecting upon today's digital media, gadgets and networks. 

Web2.0 Suicide Machine (2009) – moddr_ collective

Mixed media installation, website

PlaySureVeillance (2008) – Gordan Savicic

Mixed Media Installation, Social Software Modification Patch

120 days of *buntu (2010) – Gordan Savicic and Danja Vasiliev

Mixed media installation, modified OS

Including :

Singularitybuntu [re:buntu] (2009)


Muslimbuntu [burkabuntu] (2010)


Punkbuntu [anarchybuntu] (2010)

m/e/m/e/2/0 (2008) – Danja Vasiliev

Mechanical website, single-user system

parabot (2010) – Walter Langelaar

psworld (2010) – Julian Oliver


Psychogeophysics (2010) – Martin Howse & Jonathan Kemp

Noizo 801 (2009) - Matt Kemp

Soundbox One(2010) – Derek Holzer

§P¡NdLe (2010) – Philip Lammer

 Bling_Blink! (2010) – Gordan Savicic & Philip Lammer

Floppy Films (2009) - Florian Cramer

More about moddr_

Praktische Info

Opening on Saturday 13th of November,
15:00 - 23:30
with moddr_ workshop and performances
check the complete programme!

Finissage on Sunday 12th of December,

with workshop, presentations and performances!

Exhibition: 13 Nov - 12 Dec 2010 Open Wed > Sat, 12:30 - 18:30
(On Friday 03/12, the exhibition wil be exceptionally open at 15:30)

Free admission!


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moddr_* is supported by Mondriaan Foundation.